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plastic injection

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You intend to launch a mass production of plastic parts ?

With its high production rates, plastic injection molding is the answer in most situations.

This versatile process is used to manufacture 90% of the plastic objects in our daily lives : toys, garden equipment, home equipment, medical equipment, sporting gear, etc.

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High investment in tools

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High volume of production

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Small items

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Affordable price per unit

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Before starting your production, ask our R&D team for advice

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Our injection facility in figures

  • 20500 m² of surface
  • 27 injection molding machines from 35 to 1400 tons
  • 1 press of 1000 tons mono-sandwich
  • Manufacturing of items from 0.1 to 5.2 kg of material
  • Series from 3000 to 100 000 parts
  • Production in 3x8, 7 days a week
  • ISO 9001 certification

Plastic injection site in Bourgogne


A wide range of materials

In terms of plastic injection molding, the surface finish of the parts depends mainly on the surface finish of the mold.

Illustration Anvi Design Transparence

Use of transparent plastic materials

Illustration Anvi Design Poli Miroir
Mirror polish

Manual finish polishing
Smooth and shiny appearance


Industrial post-polishing
Removes machining marks
Matte or satin appearance

Illustration Anvi Design Grainage

Surface with previously developed 3D patterns
Very high freedom in appearance for a specific look or touch

A few examples of plastic pieces

Illustration Injection Plastique 2

A wide range of materials

According to the restrictions and expected properties, we can suggest the appropriate material among the common or technical polymers (PP, HDPE, PS, PP+FV, PC, ABS, SAN, PA, POM...)

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Download our guide to plastic injection molding

Our expertise in plastic injection

How does it work ?

The plastic injection process consists of 4 main steps :
1. Introduction of the plastic granules
2. Heating and mixing
3. Injection of the material
4. Cooling and ejection of the part

Fully simulable process

The accuracy of the flow simulation software guarantees a 95% control of the risks during the manufacturing process.

Great control over thicknesses

Reduced dimensional tolerances that facilitate the assembly of parts ;

Short lead times

Plastic injection is a fast process :

  • Between 5 and 60 s to build a new part
  • Between 24 and 48 hours to start a production
  • Delivery within 5 to 10 days

All kinds of items

  • Small to large sizes
  • Small to large series
  • Not suitable for hollow parts
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Interested in our expertise in plastic materials ?

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