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Whatever stage your project is at, you will benefit from customized R&D support

Whether you are a plastics manufacturer or not, we can help you develop your business and increase your market share with our integrated design team and our design, prototyping and simulation tools.

Depending on your objectives, we can :

  • help you reduce the environmental impact of your parts through eco-design
  • or apply the Design To Cost approach in order to match your target purchase price to your investment envelope
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A design team integrated to an industrial company: this is one of the strengths of Anvi Plasturgie. Entrusting the design of your parts to Anvi Plasturgie guarantees :

  • Aestheticism
  • Ergonomics of use
  • Time saving
  • Expertise on the choice of the right materials and processes


You want to reduce the environmental impact of your product? Thanks to our simplified life cycle analysis tools, we are able to apply the principle of eco-design.

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Our simulation tools save you valuable time by anticipating technical problems before they occur:

  • rheological simulation
  • mechanical simulation
  • simulation of material stretching


In order to save you a maximum of time, we make models throughout your project:

  • validation of shapes
  • validation of assemblies
  • technical validation
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Interested in our expertise in plastic materials ?

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