Are you looking to produce pieces that are beautiful, functional and ergonomic at the same time ?

Thanks to our integrated design team, we are able to offer you designs that realistically meet the requirements of your specifications.

Depending on your objectives, we can :

  • help you reduce the environmental impact of your parts through eco-design
  • or apply the Design To Cost approach in order to match your target purchase price to your investment envelope
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Our strength : an integrated design team

Anvi Plasturgie integrates a Design team to its R&D department, which avoids you to go back and forth between service providers.

Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes allows us to propose designs designed to optimize productivity.

Our strength : an integrated design team

Icon Rd Amelioration Ergonomie

Improvement of the ergonomics

It is essential that your product can be used with maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.

To adapt the design to the morphology of the users, our team bases itself on anthropometric and anthropological data.

Icon Rd Analyse Concurrence Existant

Analysis of the competition and the existing situation

A competitive watch allows us to identify areas of improvement for your product.

Our multisectoral approach and the versatility of Anvi Plasturgie allow us to advise you, whatever the nature of your project.

Icon Rd Analyse Usage

Usage analysis

We review all the features of the product:

  • main functions
  • service or usage functions
  • constraint function
Icon Rd Analyse Usage

Usage analysis

Nous passons en revue l’ensemble des fonctionnalités du produit :

fonctions principales
fonctions de service ou d’usage
fonction de contraintes

Icon Rd Design To Cost

Design To Cost, reduce manufacturing costs

Design To Cost allows to meet the needs of the specifications in a strict way with a maximum control of the costs.

The benefits of Design To Cost :

  • Global approach to costs
  • Prioritized investments
  • Favors innovation
  • Evolutionary approach

A few examples of plastic pieces

Illustration Guide Fabrication Plastique
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Download our guide to reduce the cost of manufacturing plastic parts

Many choices of colors, materials and finishes

Our market studies and our trend charts allow us to define the finish adapted to the product and the target market.

In addition to our stock of numerous colors, we also offer you the possibility of having a colorist match a custom color

Illustration Anvi Design Transparence

Use of clear plastic material

poli miroir

Manual finishing polish
Smooth and shiny appearance

Illustration Anvi Design Microbillage

Industrial post-polishing
Removes machining marks
Matte or satin appearance

Illustration Anvi Design Grainage

Surface with previously developed 3D patterns
Very high flexibility of aspect for a specific visual or touch


Industrial polishing
Visible but reduced machining or sanding marks
Very cost-effective
For non visible surfaces

Illustration Anvi Design Granite

Surface with previously developed 3D patterns
Infinite possibilities by laser texturing
Very large choice of aspect for a specific visual or touch

Illustration Anvi Design Marquages

Labeling of parts by machining the mold

Help in choosing technologies

To guarantee feasibility, the design of the parts must be adapted to the chosen manufacturing technology. By integrating design and industrialization, Anvi Plasturgie avoids having to rethink the design to adapt it to the transformation process.

Interested in our expertise in plastic materials ?

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