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Are you concerned about minimizing the environmental impact of your products ?

With Anvi Plasturgie, you benefit from the best advice for a product design corresponding to your customers' expectations. Thanks to its mastery of eco-design tools, Anvi Plasturgie can help you identify the sources of impact and define solutions to reduce them.

Your objective is rather to orientate the design around cost reduction ? We can also help you, by applying the Design To Cost approach.

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Environmental impact in plastics processing

The environmental impacts of plastic products are spread over the different stages of the product's life.
To be reduced, these impacts must first be quantified.
At Anvi Plasturgie, we use recognized tools and methods:

  • The Life Cycle Assessment
  • The eco-design approach

Our vision of the circular economy

Design products in accordance with the circular economy. Ecodesign reflects your desire to design products that respect the principles of sustainable development

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Reduction of the carbon footprint
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Design for recycling
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Integration of recycled plastic material
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Energy savings

Ecodesign : designing environmentally friendly products

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The benefits of eco-design

You benefit from :

  • A multi-criteria evaluation that reduces the risk of error in the impact analysis
  • Comparative assessment of products
  • Environmental communication
  • Facilitates funding applications
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Waste valorization

Ecodesign takes into account the end of life of your product and allows you to think about scenarios in line with the circular economy:

  • Reuse
  • Repair
  • Recycling
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Going beyond the environment

Initiating deep thinking about product design has many other benefits :

  • Reduces consumption, which often leads to financial savings
  • Fosters innovation, by rethinking certain product functions

Help in choosing technologies

Anvi Plasturgie is a committed player in sustainable development and integrates a growing share of recycled plastics in its processes. The principle of eco-design of parts is thus totally compatible with our manufacturing technologies.

Interested in our expertise in plastic materials ?

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