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Our simulation tools

You want to start a new design project and are looking for efficiency and guarantees ?

In order to accelerate the Time To Market, Anvi plasturgie uses simulation for 100% of its projects. By this way of proceeding, Anvi commits itself on production costs and minimizes the risks of error in the design of products and tools.

Benefits of simulation :

  • Minimize the risk of errors during design
  • Avoid additional tooling costs
  • Reduce Time To Market

Anvi plasturgie's simulation tools

Each process has its tools, each project has its needs !

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Mechanical Simulation

All processes

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Rheological Simulation

100% of the plastic injection projects

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Stretching Simulation

100 % of the blowing projects


Mechanical simulation : for all processes

Mechanical simulation is used to verify the mechanical strength of parts prior to manufacturing.
RDM studies are useful to ensure:

  • That the strength is in accordance with the specifications
  • That the parts do not deform during stacking (storage and transport)
  • The choice of material
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Static simulation

Simulation of the deformation of a part subjected to a linear static force:

  • Examples: Stacking of parts, validation of wall thickness

Tool: SolidWorks® CAD

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Dynamic simulation

On request, Anvi Plasturgie can use dynamic simulation to :

  • Check the resistance of a part subjected to a shock or a fall
  • Study the deformation of a tank containing a liquid
  • Test the operation of a clip, etc.

Rheological simulation in plastic injection

Rheological simulation tools are used to study the flow of plastic material in the mold.
These powerful tools allow to push far the simulation:

  • Analysis of the deformations linked to the different types of shrinkage
  • Simulation of fiber orientation during injection
  • Correlation with RDM studies to optimize injection

Tool: MoldFlow®

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Injection point

This simulation allows to validate the position of the injection point and to minimize the air inclusions in order to :

  • Reduce recollection type defects
  • Avoid flux traces
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Mould thermics

This simulation allows to validate the mould thermal by simulating several injection cycles to :

  • visualize the hot spots
  • verify that the cooling channels that ensure the thermal regulation of the regulation of the mold are well dimensioned.
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This simulation allows to anticipate the deformations caused by differences in thickness and cooling of the part.



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Injection flow

The way molten plastic flows through a mold can have a significant impact on the quality of a part.

Simulation of the injection flow helps determine the optimal location of injection points and reduce molding defects.


Simulation of material stretching during blowing

Thanks to the stretch simulation tools, it is possible to anticipate precisely the under thickness areas.

Our simulation tool allows to optimize both the tooling and the blowing process by displaying on a 3D map the evolution of temperature, thickness and stretching constraints throughout the part processing cycle.

Tool : Accuform B-SIM

Help with technology selection

Simulation allows us to optimize the industrialization with each of the 3 technologies we offer.

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