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Have enough of projects that drag on and turn into a headache ?

And so do we! Before ordering an injection mold which costs a few thousand euros, we make prototypes which allow us to simplify the process of validating shapes, assemblies and properties.

Prototyping :

  • Reduces time-to-market
  • Avoids many mistakes
  • Also allows you to check the finishings

Prototyping speeds up the validation process

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Shape check

Thanks to our network of local partners, we can quickly call upon various prototyping techniques :

  • Polystyrene or foam machining, for the approval of large parts
  • Paper or cardboard prototypes

For instance : To confirm the ergonomics of a grip

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Assembly validation

The most precise prototyping techniques allow to obtain realistic shapes and to approve the assembly of parts :

  • 3D FDM printing
  • Laser sintering
  • Stereolithography
  • LAB machining
  • Very small PU series

For instance : fitting a lid on a box

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Approval of features and finishes

In order to meet the technical specifications, it is necessary to check the characteristics of the product. Creating a prototype in a material that has the same mechanical features, allows to test :

  • The rigidity
  • The matt or shiny aspects
  • The opaque or clear aspect
  • The firmness
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3D printing prototyping

3D printing allows the quick creation of a workable prototype.

  • Varied materials (PLA, ABS, FLEX, NYLON, PETG, PVA, HIPS, PC, FPE, etc.)
  • Parts of 20x30x30 cm (more if gathered)

A few examples of prototypes

Help in choosing technologies

Prototyping allows us to validate the appearance and ergonomics before purchasing the tools, regardless of the manufacturing technology chosen.

Interested in our expertise in plastic materials ?

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